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Franking Machines

For businesses and companies that would like to save money on postage by taking advantage of the benefits that come with using a franking machine.

Franking Machines are used the world over by small, medium and large companies who regularly enjoy the discounts that come with using a franking machine instead of using the usual postage stamp, and if you're in business saving time and money comes as a priority.

Give your company a professional look with franked post and increase your company's efficiency. Price of stamps went up in April 2010 (First class now 41p, and now 32p for 2nd class). You can get a franking machine on a free trial basis as long as you have the relevant criteria - apply now!

Where to buy Franking Machines

Have a browse over some of the franking machines available to you which serve different needs based on the size of your company and how much post you send out on a daily / weekly basis:
Pitney Bowes Personal Post :: DM50 Mailing System

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